The South East Asian Republic (or SEAR) is a country of Earth-1610 seemingly containing Thailand among others.


Meta-humans were developed en masse in South East Asia. Their population soon exceeded 200,000. This group soon formed their own country which caused concerns to Nick Fury and SHIELD as well as the emerging Children of Tomorrow.

Initially, The SEAR first had its central city as Bangkok, but they soon developed their floating twin capitol city of Tian. These "heavenly cities" and the nation were ruled by the brothers Kuan-Yin and Shen-Yin. Despite their efforts for neutrality in world events, the SEAR was soon involved in a devastating war with the Children of Tomorrow.

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Located on the border with Sin-Cong, the Southeast Asian Republic witnessed "war games" from the upgraded People's Armed Forces of Sin-Cong.[2]

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