Sovel Redhand was a Shi'ar pirate who discovered Shi'ar-technology on Earth in the shape of the creature known as Danger. In the attempt to kidnap her, he triggered an elaborate danger room scenario centered around Rogue. He fled from Earth with his crew when Danger regained her consciousness.[2]


  • Superhuman Strength: As a Shi'ar, he possesses enough strength to lift 1 ton in Earth-like gravity.
  • Superhuman Stamina: As a Shi'ar, he possesses 20 times greater stamina than a human.

Strength level

Possesses the normal strength of a Shi'ar man who engages in intensive regular exercise, he can lift (press) over 1 ton.


Wears battle armor and carries an energy sword.


Various Shi'ar energy weapons and laser swords.

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