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Quote1.png You have come to the Firefox for either one of two reasons, Valentin Shatalov-- either you want to die... or else you want someone else to. Which is it? Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Red Triangle Agenda"

The story begins at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Captain America (Steve Rogers), Raymond Sikorsky, and the United States Secretary of Defense, are observing a departing airplane. The Captain seems sad, and the Secretary claims to be sorry. They reportedly fought hard to keep the Soviet Super-Soldiers on American soil. But they knew that their chances were slim even before the extradition hearings started. But they were asking the Soviet Union to grant rights of political asylum to three mutants whose powers make them walking nuclear weapons. Sikorski claims that they impressed upon the Soviets the need to better treat their population of mutants and other super-humans.

The conversation of the three continues during a car drive to New York City. The Secretary expects that the United States will get some concessions from the Soviet Union in future arms treaties. Captain America informs his companions that he is aware of all the negotiations that led to this day. He is just wondering how could anyone explain to these three young people aboard the airplane, that the Americans helped their dream turn into a nightmare. The scene ends.

The scene shifts to a military facility in Siberia, located 500 miles (804.67 kilometers) northeast of Norilsk. Armed guards and workers prepare for the landing of a helicopter. As the helicopter lands, it is observed by a military officer and three scientists. The officer is Valentin Shatalov, the scientists are Zoya Vasilievna, Feliks, and Doctor Tegai. They are in a mood of nervous anticipation. They had waited for months to retrieve the three defectors within the helicopter: Darkstar, Ursa Major, and Vanguard. Zoya views the three as political ping-pong balls, and Valentin views them as threats to the state. For the time being the Soviet Super-Soldiers are held in stasis tubes, unaware of their surroundings.

Valentin explains that the three defectors were left in an apparently self-induced catatonic state following their battle against the Supreme Soviets. The Soviet Union then started haggling over the proper diplomatic channels in order to bring them home. Dr. Tegai observes that their research facility could hardly be called a home for these three. Valentin replies that this will be the only home for the three mutants, until the state finds out the secret behind their mutant powers and discerns the way to use it for their purposes.

The story skips ahead for two weeks. Another helicopter lands in the facility, claiming to be the supply transport which the guards were expecting. Two armed guards are there to meet the helicopter, and they realize that the regular transport team is missing. Blind Faith exits the helicopter and claims that the other team was taken ill. He uses his mind-control powers to convince the guards that he and his two companions are unloading supplies, though they are actually empty-handed. The guards allow them to enter the facility.

The three intruders soon locate many stasis tubes holding unnamed prisoners, presumably mutants. They converse about how they are going to get out, with Blind Faith confident that it will only require "polite persuasion" on his part. The trio are attacked by two other guards, but Concussion knocks them out with his powers. Iron Curtain locates Darkstar's stasis tube, and prepares to transport it. A fourth, unseen conspirator tells the three intruders that they are running late with their plan. The scene ends.

The scene shifts to Valentin, who is furious that the Soviet Super-Soldiers have gone missing. He berates the three scientists of the facility, but Zoya points out that the security forces were responsible for the Soldiers' incarceration, not the scientists. And Valentin himself was in charge of the security forces. Valentin seems to calm down, and prepares a plan to retrieve the missing captives. He claims to know the right man for this assignment, though he does not seem happy about it.

Four days later, Valentin has traveled to Tagil, in the vicinity of the Ural Mountains. Crossing a snow-covered terrain with his vehicle, Valentin stops in front of a two-store house and calls for "Grigori Andreivitch". In response two beams of energy, in the forms of a hammer and a sickle, destroy two trees on either side of him. Valentin has fallen on the ground and seems shocked. Then Grigori appears, calling himself "Firefox". He has deduced that Valentin has come to him either because he wants to die, or because he wants someone else dead. Valentin offers him an old photograph of the Soviet Super-Soldiers, and informs Firefox that they are escaped mutants and he wants to retrieve them. Firefox seems intrigued that they are mutants. He asks whether the G.R.U. (Main Intelligence Directorate) wants this done neatly, or can it be something worth talking about? With this question, the scene ends.

The scene shifts to a shipyard in Vyborg, on the borders between the Soviet Union and Finland. A group of masked men in black uniforms proceed with caution. They are armed. One of them is hit on the head by a flying shield, the Red Guardian's Shield. The masked men are under attack by the Supreme Soviets and recognize their attackers.


  • The issue includes brief flashbacks to the events of Captain America #352-Captain America #353 (April, 1989-May, 1989), as the story serves as a sequel to that storyline. The subplots introduced in the previous storyline (the Soviet Super-Soldiers defecting, the Supreme Soviets introduced as their replacements and rivals) had been left with no real resolution.

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