Quote1 You know nothing of the power of the Hand. You are mice who fell into a well. Believe me, this will drown you. Quote2
-- Sowande src

Much of Sowande's past is shrouded in mystery. At some point, he came to K'un-Lun. Alongside four others, he was banished because of their search for immortality. Together, they became the five fingers of The Hand.[2]

As the Hand's plans converged on New York City, Sowande began recruiting young men in Harlem to do his dirty work. This activity led Luke Cage to investigate the Hand and meet the other Defenders.[1] While meeting in the Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant, the Hand attacked the Defenders.[2] Following the fight, Luke Cage was able to capture Sowande and the Defenders questioned him. Unfortunately, Sowande escape and threaten to kill Danny Rand, but was beheaded by Stick.[3]


  • Sowande is aware of each Defenders' history, specifically comparing himself to Kilgrave.

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