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Were one night wandering through Brooklyn looking for someone to grant the 'Messianic Siddha-complex' to so that they could 'rescue their fellows from this terrible environment', after nearly they had nearly given up the search they came upon the person who would be come to be called the Captain drunkenly singing down the road. When they empowered him, he proceeded to beat them to death as he thought that leprechauns turned into gold coins when you hit them. Following their death the Captain then tries to steal their wallets but ends up throwing up on them instead.[1]



The 'Heart star' of the space between galaxies (also known as the Messianic Siddha-complex)


Some form of interstellar transport


  • "Spa Fon" and "Squa Tront" originated as alien expressions of surprise (similar to "Good lord!") used by extra-terrestrials in EC Comics' sci-fi stories. The use of the words spread, with fanzines Spa Fon and Squa Tront, two Star Wars characters with those names, and Mad Magazine's Captain Marbles (a parody of Fawcett's Captain Marvel), aka Billy Spafon.

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