The Space Beasts are a warlike alien race which used their space armada to terrorize planets all over the galaxy. The Space Beasts would typically overrun a world with its large force, enslaving its population and pludering its resources before leaving the world decimated. Eventually the Space Beasts set their sights on Earth, blocking out the sun with its huge armada of ships. They quickly dispatched the world's military by disintegrating their weapons and vehicles with their disintegrator beams.

Just as the human race appeared to be doomed, a lone farmer attacked a Space Beast with the butt of his shotgun. The Space Beasts did not know how to respond to physical force being used against them, and revealed themselves to be cowardly and weak. They opened fire on the farmer with their disintegrator beams, revealing that their weapons only worked against metal, not flesh and blood. With this new information, the human race rebelled against the aliens, driving them off of the planet.

Powers and Abilities


None Demonstrated


The Space Beasts are cowardly and likely to retreat when confronted with physical violence. The weapons of the Space Beasts were only effective against metal, they had no effect on flesh and blood


Level of Technology: Advanced
Cultural Traits: Warlike
Representatives: Luther Gorr

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