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The so-called Space Demons are a primitive race of animals unique to the Earth-5106 universe that can travel through the void of space through naturally formed "jet engines" that grow out of their lower body in the place of legs. Having no real intelligence the creatures will attack anything in their way, but in particular can follow after a former captor by scent and instinctively attack them. In the year 2000, rival Space Squadron member Edgar Revere captured a crate full of these creatures, deemed by illegal to own under the law of the Galaxy organization, and planted them on the Solar 1, piloted by his rival Jet Dixon the commander of the Space Squadron. The plant was in order to have Dixon discredited on treason charges, and took his "suspicions" to a Galaxy Officer who then posed as an observer aboard the Solar 1 on its next mission. When the creatures were released, Edgar's plan initially worked until the Space Demons detected his scent and went after him in revenge for their captivity. Ironically, Edgar was saved by Dixon and the rest of the Space Squadron who blew the Space Demons to smithereens[1].

Powers and Abilities


The Space Demons appear to be able to live in the vacuum of space indefinitely. The naturally occurring "jet engines" that grow in place of legs allow the Space Demons to travel through space, apparently at a rate of thousands of miles per second.


Type of Government

The Space Demons appear to work in packs.

Level of Technology

Primitive to non-existent.

Cultural Traits

Animalistic and pack mentality.

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