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Quote1 I mean...look--we're in space...And you're my friends. Quote2
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The Space Friends, as eventually christened by Iron Man,[1] was a previously-unnamed team of heroes recruited by Iron Man and Hellcat with Halcyon's help to stop the megalomaniac android Korvac. They were specifically picked due to being outside Iron Man's regular support network in order to avoid tipping off Korvac. These heroes consisted of Gargoyle, Misty Knight, Scarlet Spider, and Frog-Man.

The team nearly died during their first outing. Investigating a massive radiation signature they believed to be Korvac's spaceship, the heroes were lured to a decoy spacecraft that detonated.[2] They only survived due to Gargoyle using his powers to shield his teammates.[3] They returned to Iron Man and Hellcat, who had confronted Korvac in the meantime. Korvac had broken Stark's neck, so his allies tinkered with his armor to help it hold him together. The heroes were then joined by War Machine, who had escaped from Korvac's grasp, and they took off to space to race Korvac to Taa II, where the android intended to reclaim the Power Cosmic and ascend to godhood.[4]

During the chase, Stark's allies sent an SOS which was heeded by Stilt-Man, who had stationed himself on an alien planet. He secretly used a teleporter beam to suddenly pluck Iron Man away to his space colony, Megiddo.[5] Tony's team continued pursuing Korvac and locked in combat with his ship until they managed to evade him.[6] Although Hellcat managed to telepathically reach out to Stark in Megiddo, she decided to take his team to Taa II and stop Korvac without him if necessary.[7] After defeating Stilt-Man, Iron Man and his newfound ally, Avro-X, were facilitated the arrival at Taa II by the Living Tribunal.[5] Stark and Avro-X intercepted Korvac but were defeated, which also resulted in Avro's death. Tony's team subsequently arrived and helped Tony continue pursuing Korvac. At Frog-Man's request, Iron Man decided to name the team. Under the influence of morphine due to his injuries, Stark named it the Space Friends.[8] The Space Friends were also joined by the original Human Torch after he was freed from Korvac's mind-control.

Despite Iron Man and the Space Friends overpowering Korvac and his acolytes, the villain managed to tap into the Power Cosmic at the last second, and Iron Man followed suit as a last-ditch effort to stop him.[1] Both rivals attained godhood and engaged in combat in cosmic scale, and Iron Man defeated Korvac.[9] The Space Friends returned to Earth and, minus the Scarlet Spider and Misty Knight, who were occupied with affairs with the Beyond Corporation, they reconvened over their concerns for the cosmically-empowered Iron Man. After Stark used his powers to make the entirety of New York City as smart as himself and chaos ensued, Hellcat contacted Doctor Doom to devise a plan to strip him of his cosmic power.[10] The Space Friends were joined by the Silver Surfer, who was meant to power the device created by Doom. Hellcat lured Iron Man into a trap, and he lashed out after learning her intentions. Corrupted by the Power Cosmic, Iron Man killed Doom, the Surfer and the Space Friends until Hellcat was the last person standing.[11] She managed to snap Tony out of his rage, and after a heart-to-heart, he relinquished the Power Cosmic. Before doing so, he returned everyone he killed to life.[12] With the threat of both Korvac and the Iron God passed, the Space Friends disbanded, but they turned the group into a fantasy baseball league.[13]


  • Iron Man (Vol. 6) writer Christopher Cantwell once stated on Twitter that he had wondered what to name this team, and all he could think of at the time was "the Alternates."[14]
  • Frog-Man was the main proponent for the team being named. His suggestions were "Star Warriors" and "God Fighters." Scarlet Spider shot down the first idea arguing it sounded too close to Star Wars.[4]
  • The line-up of the Space Friends is mostly centered around the works of J.M. DeMatteis, a writer that Cantwell is fan of.[15] DeMatteis wrote for Defenders, which starred Hellcat and Gargoyle, with the latter having been created by DeMatteis. DeMatteis also worked on the Scarlet Spider during the Clone Saga, and created Frog-Man.

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