On the distant planet of Pera, circling a star at the farthest reaches of the Outer Rim, many millenia ago a substance was unearthed and became known as Core. Core made the Perans' weapons special and their warriors, led by Horn, freed their planet from slavery.

But weapons are not made for peace, and thus if idle too long, the Core would corrupt the warriors, and so they took the weapons off world, traveling the galaxy and freeing the oppressed before moving on. Various others joined their efforts and they came to be known as the Space Knights; however, their endeavors drew the ire of a monster named Lurgh, who united the Space Knights' enemies in an effort to hunt them to extinction. To this end, Lurgh's forces pursued Horn's warriors back to Pera, destroying the planet and the Space Knights along with it, their name and exploits fading into the stuff of myth.

Then a Kree named Mahia discovered a piece of Core, or maybe it was the other way around, but she used her newfound power to reform the Space Knights, beginning with a rescue of J'k from being assimilated, and together they helped save Punch's homeworld from an alien invasion.[1]

The three of them then teamed up with Rocket Raccoon to rescue another Space Knight, Earo, along with Drax the Destroyer, from Durgh on Hool.[2]

Sometime later J'k and Punch were on their way to rescue Earo and Mahia from Caber and the Duynans when Wink first joined the team, hurling the Tuatha de Danaan off a cliff on Duyna.[1]

The Space Knights next encountered Iqa, Hilla Rollo, Pik Rollo, and Tarna on Wenb when both groups were looking for a purifying elixir.[3] In the Space Knight's case, they were looking for it to restore Wink's broken wings.[4] After settling their differences, the Space Knights accompanied the other aliens to Earth, where Mania, the person they were looking the elixir for, lived. After helping Venom subdue Mania and inject her with the elixir, Iqa, Hilla, Pik, Tarna, and 803 decided to join the Space Knights while Venom remained on Earth together with Mania.[5]

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