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A Space Phantom can assume the form of objects or people, temporarily sending them into Limbo until he resumes his natural form or that of another object or person. Assuming the form of certain powerful creatures can result in the Space Phantom being forced back into Limbo instead. While in the form of another creature, the Space Phantom gains all the abilities of that person.



Space Phantom, Moonraker, "Mantis", Malachi, Tobias, "Cotati" Swordsman, Tuc, "Luna Maximoff", "Priests of Pama"


  • The Space Phantoms were initially reported being an alien race from the planet Phantus in normal Earthspace which was transported into Limbo by their technology use.[2] This was later retconned that Space Phantoms were created when any being stayed too long in Limbo were transformed into Space Phantoms and lost all recollections of their previous life. These beings were then enslaved by Immortus.[3]

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