Space Sucker

Space Sucker from Drax Vol 1 1 001
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Space Sucker
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Interstellar Flight
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The Space Sucker was an old spaceship of Rocket Raccoon's that he lent to Drax the Destroyer when he decided to go on a quest to kill Thanos the Mad Titan. While navigating through the galaxy, the Space Sucker ended up malfunctioning and crashlanded on an unknown alien moon, stranding Drax there.[1]

Drax struck a deal with a local bartender named Ora, whereby she agreed to repair the broken down ship, if he would investigate the recent rash of disappearances involving both supplies and people.[2] After Drax unraveled the mystery, with the help of Terrax and Torgo, he rescued the children that had been enslaved by Fin Fang Foom's raiders.[3]

Ora then made good on her promise and fixed the Space Sucker so that they, along with Torgo and R304, could use the ship to return the freed slaves to their various homeworlds; however, Cammi and Planet Terry intercepted the Space Sucker in an attempt to collect on a bounty placed upon Drax by Mr. the Troll.[4]

Later Ora's former partner, Killer Thrill, brutally attacked Ora and kidnapped both Pip and a Makluan hatchling, forcing the crew of the Space Sucker to seek the aid of Fin Fang Foom and Terrax to help track them down and rescue them. After everything, Drax ultimately gave Rocket's ship to Ora, and returned to the Guardians of the Galaxy.[5]

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