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Spaceknight Squadron
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Rom; Brandy Clark; First Generation Spaceknights
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The Spaceknight Squadron was a composite group of First Generation Spaceknights each with unique abilities. Each member was one of the 1,000 volunteers that sacrificed their humanity to become cyborg warriors in Galador's last desperate defense against the Dire Wraiths invasion fleet. The unit was later dispatched by Galador's Prime Director to locate the missing Rom.[1] The Squadron followed the trail of wrecked Wraith Drakillar's to Wraithworld. On the surface, they found Rom entranced by Wraith illusions and Unam was able to finally free him from the delusion.[citation needed]

Rom would later rescue Tarm and Skera from the living planet Ego on his return trek to find Galador. The trio would next encounter Unam and then aid Vola in deposing the now renegade Raak whom Rom neutralized and banished to Limbo with his Dire Wraith allies. They would all soon after become prisoners of Gladiator of the Shi'ar empire in answer to crimes supposedly committed by Plor. They later find out the fate of the real Plor when Tyreseus, who had usurped the Pulsar armor from the dying Plor, is confronted by the Spaceknights and the Imperial Guard. Tyreseus is slain and Gladiator uses the Shi'ar Stargate to send the Spaceknights home to Galador.[citation needed]

Upon their arrival on the homeworld, they find Galador ravaged by civil war between a new Second Generation Spaceknights that turned renegade and the human resistance. A battle ensues and many renegade Spaceknights are slain along with the remaining humans on Galador with the exception of the recently arrived Brandy Clark. Rom creates a final diversion allowing them to escape to the catacombs beneath the surface where Brandy tells them of what she has learned of Galador's fate. Together, they plan to assault the Dark Tower (the bastion of the renegades) and send out a homing signal for the remainder of Galador's lost First Generation Spaceknights to follow to their lost homeworld. In the final assault Rom confronts the renegades leader, Lord Dominor in single combat while the Spaceknight Squadron battles the remaining renegades allowing Skera enough time to send out the signal. Soon after, all the Spaceknight Squadron members are slain by the renegades.[2]



Equipment: Galadorian plandanium armor
Transportation: Galadorian Stardrive Rocket Pods

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