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When the Galadorian Armada entered the sector of space known as the Dark Nebula bringing gifts of technology and peace, they were savagely attacked and massacred by the sorcerous Dire Wraiths. The Wraiths then assaulted Galador itself. In desperation, the Prime Director called on the youth to sacrifice their humanity to become cyborg warriors as a last ditch line of defense.

The first to volunteer was Rom and a thousand followed. The brave Spaceknights formed a line of battle around Galador and in savage combat defeated the Wraith fleet scattering it across the cosmos.[1] Realizing the decimated Wraiths would infiltrate whatever worlds they came to and rebuild their strength to once again assail Galador, the first generation of Spaceknights set forth on the quest to rid the Universe of their evil.

Two centuries later, Rom would return to Galador just in time to lead a portion of the First Generation Spaceknights against Galactus. Rom was able to strike a bargain with the devourer to lead him to an entire star system that he could consume instead. When Galactus was unable to stomach the Black Sun he still kept his bargain with Rom in part by moving the approaching Galador to another location where none of the First Generation knew.[2]

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