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After Galactus moved Galador to a location unknown to Rom and his fellow Spaceknights, the Galadorians created a second generation of Spaceknights more powerful, but less human than the first, to protect the planet. However, no threat arose and these second generation Spaceknights came to feel superior to normal Galadorians. A civil war broke out on Galador between this renegade generation led by Dominor and the human inhabitants with their Angel Elite allies. The war led to the virtually total depopulation of Galador.

At this time the now-human Brandy Clark of Earth was transported to Galador by The Beyonder, since she wanted to be reunited with Rom. Brandy was attacked by the G2 Spaceknight Lightningbolt but was saved by a resistance group hiding nearby. Brandy and Ariane, the leader of the human Galadorians, conceived a plan to seize the preserved humanity of the G2 Spaceknights to use as a bargaining chip. Rom and his fellow G1 Spaceknights Seeker, Scanner and Trapper arrived just as the confrontation began. Heatwave then destroyed the preserved humanity of all the Spaceknights. With Rom feigning to be ready to kill the renegades as a decoy, they were able to escape to a hidden lair. A plan was devised to send out a homing beacon that would allow the remainder of the lost G1 Spaceknights to find their homeworld. While Seeker began an assault on the unsuspecting renegades, Trapper protected Scanner while she operated the beacon. All three were destroyed by the renegades but not before contact was made. Rom faced Dominor in single combat and defeated him. The remainder of the G2 Spaceknights seeing their leader humbled, formed a "Ring of Power" with the intent to destroy the entire planet. However, once the circle was complete all the members of the renegades and their Dark Tower were destroyed. Dominor explained to Rom that he had created the "Ring of Power" as a failsafe to prevent losing control of the renegades and now intended to reclaim his humanity and mate with Brandy. He also stated that he had hid his humanity and so it was not destroyed by Heatwave. When Rom asked where it had been hidden, Dominor turned to find the hiding place, his throne of power, had also been destroyed with the Dark Tower. In despair, Dominor launched himself at Rom and using his Destabilizer Beams, took control of Rom's Neutralizer long enough to commit suicide.

Soon after, a large contingent of the G1 Spaceknights arrived to find their beloved Galador in ruins and their humanity forever destroyed. The lone exception was the humanity of Rom which Galactus had hidden in the crypt of the Spaceknight Terminator for Rom to reclaim. Rom regained his human form and with Brandy at his side began the rebuilding of Galador. The remaining G1 Spaceknights headed off planet to continue their quest against evil while pledging to protect Rom & Brandy as they repopulated the planet.


Equipment: Second Generation Galadorian Armor
Transportation: Galadorian star-drive rocket pods as a permanent part of their armor.
Weapons: Each members arsenal and powers.

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