Spade Desmond was a hypnotist who came out west to seek his fortune. The Rawhide Kid watched him arrive on a stage coach and decided to keep an eye on him, noting his strange appearance. Spade went to the town saloon and hypnotized the bartender into giving him a free drink. The patrons of the bar found this to be very strange behaviour for the bartender and began to question Desmond. After Desmond caused the owner of the saloon to act like an ape, several men began to attack him. The Rawhide Kid decided to protect the unarmed man and the angry mob soon left Desmond alone. Desmond then came up with the idea to hypnotize the Kid into being his henchman, believing that no one would dare question him with the Kid on his side. Sure enough, Desmond succeeded in hypnotizing the Kid and went on a crime spree in the town as no one was willing to test the guns of the Rawhide Kid. Finally the pair robbed the town bank but were opposed by the sheriff. Desmond commanded the Kid to shoot the sheriff down in cold blood, but as the Kid was not a murderer he was able to break free of Desmond's control and easily outfought him. Desmond was subsequently taken into custody by the sheriff.


Spade Desmond was a hypnotist, able to get others to obey his commands by looking him in the eye. It seemed he could only control one person at a time, as he was seemingly helpless when a group of men attacked him at once. Also, it seems that he was unable to make someone do something that was completly uncharacteristic for them to do. In the case of the Rawhide Kid, he refused to murder an innocent person, breaking Desmond's control over him.

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