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Sparta is the imperial homeworld and throneworld of the galaxy-spanning interstellar empire ruled by Emperor Jason, the biological father of Star-Lord.[1]

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  • The names of the empire and the humanoid race who founded it have never been officially established, and the galaxy within which the empire existed has never been officially identified.
  • The character of Prince Jason of Spartax who first appeared in Inhumans Vol 3 2 was originally meant to be a younger version of this Emperor Jason and the future father of Peter Quill. That Jason was a member of the Spartoi race and heir to the throne of the Spartoi Empire that existed in the Greater Magellanic Cloud[2] of Universe-616. However, a retcon revealed that the father of the Star-Lord who was born on Earth-616 was actually Prince J'Son,[3] a member of the Spartax race from another planet named Spartax and heir to the throne of the Spartax Empire that apparently exists in the Milky Way Galaxy. Subsequently, it was decided that this Emperor Jason, his empire and the Star-Lord who was his son actually existed in the Earth-791 reality.

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