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Star-Lord and the Guardians were individually captured by different galactic empires to be dealt with separately, as planned by J'son and the Spartax, who wanted his son to join him in his place as the prince of Spartax, but also to make him pay for his crimes against the Spartax Empire.[2] As he was escaping, Quill discredited J'son to the whole empire, revealing him as a heartless murderer. The entire Spartax Empire rebelled against J'son, who was forced to flee.[3]

Once the Black Vortex was dealt with, Star-Lord proposed to Kitty Pryde, and she said yes.[4] Back in Spartax, he had to resolve the problem of his election and after some encouraging words from Kitty, he decided to give in to the desire of the people of Spartax and become the new leader of the Empire.[5]


  • The Spartoi Empire of the Spartoi race from the planet Spartax was first mentioned as the homeworld of Prince Jason who was heir to the throne of the Empire.[6] This Spartax was located in the Sparta star system of the Greater Magellanic Cloud[7] and this Prince Jason was intended to be a younger version of the Emperor Jason who ruled his empire from the planet Sparta and was the biological father of Star-Lord.[8]
  • A subsequent retcon by Brian Michael Bendis revealed that the biological father of the Star-Lord who was born on Earth-616 was actually King J'Son,[9] ruler of the Spartax Empire of the Spartax race from the planet Spartax.[10]
  • The fact that the Spartoi Prince Jason and the Spartax King J'Son could not possibly be the same person means that their respective planets, both named Spartax, could also not be the same.

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