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The Spartoi people hail from the planet Spartax in the Greater Magellanic Cloud. From there, they crafted a small Empire from the outlying systems.[1]


According to their sages and geneticists, the Spartoi and the Shi'ar are of common, remote ancestry. While they are not necessarily allies, they have attempted a political union in the past and do not consider one another to be enemies.[2]


  • The Spartoi Empire of the Spartoi race from the planet Spartax was first mentioned as the homeworld of Prince Jason who was heir to the throne of the Empire.[3] This Spartax was located in the Sparta star system of the Greater Magellanic Cloud[4] and this Prince Jason was intended to be a younger version of the Emperor Jason who ruled his empire from the planet Sparta and was the biological father of Star-Lord.[5]
  • A subsequent retcon by Brian Michael Bendis revealed that the biological father of the Star-Lord who was born on Earth-616 was actually King J'Son,[6] ruler of the Spartax Empire of the Spartax race from the planet Spartax.[7]
  • The fact that the Spartoi Prince Jason and the Spartax King J'Son could not possibly be the same person meant that their respective planets, both named Spartax, could also not be the same.
  • Due to retcons, some of the information from the Spartoi entry presented in Annihilation: The Nova Corps Files #1 is no longer accurate. This includes the idea that Jason had an uncle named Gareth, that Peter Quill (the then-former Star-Lord) was half Spartoi, and (probably) that the Spartoi Empire had been drawn into a prolonged war with the Ariguans following the cancellation of a planned alliance between the Spartoi and the Shi'ar Empire.

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