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Spat is a bounty hunter. Her regular partner is Grovel and she has a history with Gambit. On a job with the three of them years ago, someone fired a blast at Remy, which she placed herself in front of. As a result of the blast, she has been aging in reverse. Later she had a falling-out with LeBeau.

She was hired by Erik the Red to capture Remy for a kangaroo court in Antarctica.

Spat was seen again trying to obtain the Tomorrow Stone to cure her condition. Gambit agreed to help, but finds himself competing with Sekmeht Conoway, an archaeological engineer who wants to use the stone to rescue her mother from a state of suspended animation. Sekmeht obtains the stone, but decides to use it to cure Spat's reverse-aging and restore her to her actual age.[1] Spat has not been seen since, although the Tomorrow Stone adventure was referenced shortly thereafter when Gambit met with Sekmeht again to ask her for help in devising a way to travel back in time.[2]



Spat is armed with a spear.


  • Spat and Grovel were created in the late '90s, during a time ToyBiz's handling of the X-Men licensing included the creation of action figures for even new and fairly obscure characters. With this in mind, Spat and Grovel's creators, Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureira, designed them with the intent to make their appearance unsuitable to be adapted into action figures. In spite of that, Spat and Grovel were featured in ToyBiz's 1998 Marvel’s Most Wanted action figure series.[3]

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