The "Spear of Destiny" was used by the Roman Centurion Longinus during the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ to pierce Jesus's side and hasten His death. According to legend, whosoever held the spear controlled the fate of the world. It was later wielded by St. Maurice.[1]

World War II

During World War II; it came into the possession of Adolf Hitler, who was convinced the weapon would ensure the Nazi's victory. Captain America and a team of American heroes were sent to capture it. Blue Diamond and Mastermind Excello retrieved the Spear of Destiny and was put into storage by the US Military.[1]

Modern Era

The Spear of Destiny was later placed on display in a German museum. The Devos stole the spear and used it as part of spell to summon the mystic entity "Savior" in hopes of reversing the world to a pre-technology state. Wolverine and Boom Boom tracked down the Devos and used the spear to banish Saviour by stabbing the spear into the Saviour's chest.[2]

The Spear of Destiny was later recovered by an elderly Dutch man from the town of Vliet. His family had been killed by the Invaders during World War II when the townsfolk were turned into monsters by Arnim Zola. Using the Spear he made a deal with Shuma-Gorath to restore the town of Vliet to its former self in return for the Invaders' lives.[3] Shuma-Gorath granted the man's wish, but along with the townsfolk the Nazi forces lead by Zola were resurrected too, and they once again prepared to mutate the townsfolk.[4] The Invaders arrived to help and found the man. He attacked them with the Spear.[5] After dealing with the Axis forces, the Invaders approached the man and offered to find a cure using modern medical science. They succeed, but the restored townsfolk still wished to return to the afterlife. The man then determined to break his deal with Shuma-Gorath, but was stopped by Zola who killed him. Zola, now wielding the Spear, and the Axis attacked the Invaders just as Shuma-Gorath traveled to Earth.[6] They all battled each other. Captain America managed to capture the Spear it and throw it to Vision, who used it to stab Shuma-Gorath in the eye, sending him back to his realm.[7]

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Issue
Spear of Destiny from Magdalena Daredevil Vol 1 1 001 On Earth-7642, the Catholic Church gave the Spear of Destiny to their agent, Magdalena. Magdalena/Daredevil #1

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