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The Specialist was a samurai warrior working as Stark-Fujikawa's corporate headquarters in 2099 A.D.[1]

Powerful Alchemax Vice-President Tyler Stone contacted Stark-Fujikawa to employ the Specialist in order to kidnap a woman named Kasey Nash, who owed the MegaCorp. a debt.[2] When Nash escaped from Alchemax the Specialist was honor bound to recapture her, and got into a confrontation with the new Spider-Man. During the fight, Spider-Man inadvertently slit the Specialist's throat with his talons, accidentally killing him.[1]

All this was anticipated by Stone, who had hoped to manipulate Stark-Fujikawa into a debt of honor to avenge themselves against Spider-Man, leaving Stone free to concentrate on other maters while Spider-Man was dealt with.[3]

Specialist (Earth-TRN588) from Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 32 0001.jpg

After the temporal disturbances caused by the Age of Ultron disrupted the timeline of Earth-928, Specialist was seen trying to stop the Superior Spider-Man from raiding Stark-Fujikawa's North American headquarters, but Spider-Man was able to escape.[4]



No superhuman powers


Qualified as a samurai and as a hovercraft pilot. Trained in several martial arts and in the use of several Japanese traditional-but-technologically-adapted weapons including shuriken, nunchakus and swords.



His uniform provides him a degree of protection against bullets, electric shock and most forms of damages.


Shuriken, nunchakus, a 4' samurai sword that can cut through steel.


One-man hovercraft

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