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In a meeting with J. Jonah Jameson, Norman Osborn promises him that soon he would be able to publish an article about Spider-Man's defeat. Returning home, Norman meets his son Harry and Peter Parker. He congratulates Peter for his good marks and then critizises Harry for not being able to do the same, to Peter's anger. Later that evening, Spider-Man notices a man being robbed, however when he stops the robbers, the victim reveals a device on his hand, spraying gas into Spider-Man's face. He is then attacked by the Green Goblin, who the three men were working for. They robbery was fake so Spider-Man would inhale the gas that disables his spider-sense.

Even without his spider sense, Spider-Man is finally able to defeat the Green Goblin, who then suffers from amnesia, reverting to his Norman Osborn personality. In hospital, Osborn is visited by Peter, Harry and Jameson, the latter blaming Spider-Man for this, while Norman, unable to remember their battle, dismisses it as an accident that had nothing to do with Spider-Man. To Peter's joy, Norman then treats Harry like a father should.

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