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At night, Peter Parker notices a strange glow in the forest when looking out of his window. Dressing in his costume, he heads towards it and finds the Silver Surfer strapped to a strange machine. The Surfer explains that Kang trapped him and now steals his cosmic powers to power a time portal so Kang's army from the future can invade the world of the 21st century. The Silver Surfer also tells Spider-Man to use his board to fly to Galactus and ask for help, as the Surfer was once his herold.

When meeting Galactus, Spider-Man learns that he does not care about the planet. Meanwhile, the machine is activating the time portal, with Kang and his amry standing on the other side, ready to attack. Suddenly, Spider-Man returns to Earth. He explains that despite Galactus didn't care about saving the planet, he was angry at Kang for stealing the Surfer's power, so he gave Spider-Man a device to reverse the machine's effect. Being freed from the machine, the Surfer helps Spider-Man to attack Kang, as Spider-Man points out that the portal is about to close. Panicking, Kang jumps through the portal to his own time, vowing his revenge. After the portal is closed, Spider-Man gets a mental breakdown from his experience of flying through space. Realizing that it was all too much for his friend, the Silver Surfer uses his powers to erase his memories, only informing him that he did something great before departing.

Later, when watching a shooting star together with Mary Jane, Peter thinks of how the Surfer is still up there, always wary and always lonely.

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