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Nice trick Bubblebrain! And I bet the cheesy magician act goes over big with the tourists.
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You dare call Mysterio a magician? Fool! Mysterio is no mere illusionist playing parlor tricks! Mysterio is the master of the arcane arts!
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Well, it seems to me Mysterio is the master of talking about himself in the third person.
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Synopsis for "Blueprints"

It’s early December, and the first snow is falling. Peter Parker has a long “To Do” list – leading off with talking to Gwen Stacy about their surprise first kiss. But before he gets the chance, Spider-Man has a run in with Chameleon's henchman Quentin Beck who has just become Mysterio. The Tinkerer also appears. Also introduced are Professor Miles Warren and the Master Planner. This episode contains the first cameo appearance of Stan Lee, the man behind Spider-Man.


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