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Nick Fury
What if we don't find her before then? Heck, what if we do?
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Captain America
The answer's the same to both questions: I don't know.
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Appearing in "Changes: Part 3 of 4"

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  • Wheelchair

Synopsis for "Changes: Part 3 of 4"

Mary Jane and Aunt May discuss the recent goings-on as Peter wrestles with transforming into a monstrous humanoid spider.

Elsewhere, Tommy and Captain America explain to Nick Fury that they invented the bomb as a last resort in case the Germans won WW2. The two convince Nick to keep this information completely secret.

Meanwhile, after having a brief confrontation, the Queen (Adrianna Soria) defeats Spider-Man. Arriving shortly thereafter, the Human Torch reports to Mister Fantastic that there's no trace of the combatants.

As the Avenger Iron Man declares the heroes present are all under Cap's orders, Cyclops counters that the X-Men are only there because Charles Xavier is extremely scared of what could happen (he may have the same information as Captain America). Black Widow informs Fury a message was received from the Queen, warning of a bomb that will imminently detonate. While there is hope in evacuating the city, the heroes instead continue their search and pray.

Meanwhile, the Queen visits Spider-Man- now a giant spider under her complete command!

Solicit Synopsis

Betrayed by his body and suffering the painful effects of his slow transformation from man to arachnid, Spidey must once again confront the architect of his metamorphosis - the Queen!

  • But only Captain America holds the key to her defeat!!


Here, Ana's irradiation is said to have occured on Bikini atoll, during Operation Crossroads on July 1946, rather than in the desert when the war was almost over. However, Steve Rogers was in suspended animation on this date.

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