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What's so funny about that, Eddie? You got a golf outing planned for next week or something?
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Eddie Brock
No... I've got cancer.
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Appearing in "The Hunger: Part 4 of 5"

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  • Wheelchair

Synopsis for "The Hunger: Part 4 of 5"

Spidey subdues the symbiote and they are both examined by Reed Richards. Reed describes how Spider-Man's powers exert adrenaline which the symbiote feeds on. Reed injects Spidey with a serum that blocks his adrenaline. The Symbiote then escapes. Brock tells a priest that he feels like he lost his soul. Detective Garrett reads an apology letter to the police from Eddie Brock. Spidey finds Brock and attempts to take him to prison but Brock tells him that he has cancer.

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