Appearing in "Never Trust A Woman!"

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Synopsis for "Never Trust A Woman!"

A stage performer with a guillotine act treats his wife like garbage and she gets revenge by swapping out the rubber blade for the steel one.

Appearing in "The Madman"

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Synopsis for "The Madman"

A dead man in a flop house wakes two hours after midnight in a panic to locate his grave.

Appearing in "Watch the Birdie!"

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Synopsis for "Watch the Birdie!"

Andrew won't take no for an answer when Calvin warns him that his weird camera can capture souls and so Andrew finds himself trapped in a photo for eternity.

Appearing in "The Empty Coffin"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Empty Coffin"

Claude unknowingly marries into a wealthy family of living dead.

Appearing in "The Hypnotist!"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Hypnotist!"

A French hypnotist discovers his power is so great he can command people to take their own lives. He goes on a crime spree and decides to prove to the world he is the greatest hypnotist ever by surrendering himself to the guillotine and then hypnotizing the executioner to release him. He doesn't consider that the executioner may be blind.

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