Appearing in "The Frightened Man"

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Synopsis for "The Frightened Man"

After a fortune teller relates to a young man he will meet his true love as an old man and she a young woman he asks if anything can be done. The fortune teller directs him to a painter who can provide him with a Dorian Gray-type portrait. The years pass and he courts the young lady as he appears a young man, but the girl's parents are suspicious of his refusing their entrance into the room where he keeps the portrait that betrays his true age. He agrees to let them inside the room in three days and he locates the painter. He offers the painter a large sum to paint over the portrait as a young man, which he does. However, the painter neglects to mention that the man's true age is now manifested on his body as a result.

Appearing in "The Wish"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Mr. Mason
  • Mr. Frank

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "The Wish"

A real estate agent gains telepathy from a magic paper weight.

Appearing in "Thelma!"

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Synopsis for "Thelma!"

A doll seeks out lonely girls to be their playmate.

Appearing in "Eye Over the City"

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Synopsis for "Eye Over the City"

A policeman feels guilty about spying on the public with surveillance technology and resolves to quit, but after he tunes in to a broadcast from the future which reveals he is responsible for thwarting a foreign agent about to signal an attack, he changes his mind.

Appearing in "Where Did Danny Go?"

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Supporting Characters:

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "Where Did Danny Go?"

Cupid falls for a human woman and shoots her with an arrow, but he's sent back to straighten things out by shooting her with another arrow that makes her revert to the former love she felt for the man she was engaged to marry.

Appearing in "The Long Night"

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Synopsis for "The Long Night"

When electricity inexplicably fails to work, and the sun sets one evening and does not rise the following morning, mankind sets aside its plans to make war upon one another and work together through the long night. Once this happens, the generators begin working once again and the sun rises.

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