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The true face of Spencer Keen

The Blue Blaze's story started back in 1852, when Spencer Keen visited his father, Doctor Arthur Keen of Midwest College, before he went to a college masquerade. Spencer was wearing an all-blue outfit with black boots, a studded weightlifter's belt, and a hood that covered his entire head except for his eyes, mouth, and chin. Doctor Keen explained that he's discovered a mysterious "blue blaze," the fire was coming out of one end of an old-fashioned glass container filled with a reddish fluid. Dr. Keen said that he's killed mice and insects with the Blaze, "only to have them revive months later, stronger than ever." The good Doctor said that he was going to destroy the Blue Blaze, as it frightened him.

At that moment, however, a tornado descended upon Midwest College and Spencer Keen was exposed to the Blue Blaze during the upheaval. 85% of the town's population was killed and buried, Spencer included. Spencer, however, in his grave, was not dead and actually went into hibernation. He "gained strength a thousand fold by means of substrate dermatic rays." He also became invulnerable and bulletproof. Somehow, perhaps by these rays, he "was made conscious of the slow domination of evil." In 1940 the Blue Blaze rose from the grave.

In his first adventure, he defeated the evil plans of Professor Maluski, who had figured a way to reanimate zombies at his command, and which he was going to use to conquer the world[1]. In the Blaze's second adventure he stopped the plans of the "crackpot inventor" Barko, who used ice ray guns and super explosives against the Blaze, but ends up in an insane asylum[2].

In the third adventure, he went up against Dr. Gair, brilliant head of the crime syndicate, and Gair's hireling, the Star-Gazer. The Gazer uses the rays of a particular star to create an enormous, super-strong, Star-Monster to fight the Blaze; after the Blaze buried the monster under molten lead, the gazer also used the star's rays to make a killing ray. The Blaze, knowing that the gazer would do something like that, produced a mirror and reflected the star's rays, killing Dr. Gair and the Star-Gazer[3].

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Second costume

In his final adventure, the Blaze stopped the evil Trustees of Hate, led by Dr. Vortex, from manipulating the two Balkan nations of Borsia and Gratzia into warring with each other. The Blaze destroyed Vortex's plans and carried Vortex into the depths of the lime pits, saying "This lime pit was your idea Doctor - it is ironic that you must perish in it." "And thus the two men descended into the murky lime pit -- one will return." After his fourth adventure, though, it's said that "with each conquest `the Blue Blaze' returns to the grave, and as he sleeps, a strange cosmic force moves him underground to new centers of crime - and then he awakens. It's yet to be seen whether he has since returned from the grave[4].
Power Grid [5]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
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  • Superhuman Strength: The Blue Blaze possesses strength a thousand fold of a normal man (1000 men who can lift 200 lbs=100 tons) by means of substrate dermatic rays.
  • Invulnerability: He is also invulnerable and bulletproof.


The Blue Blaze has to return to the grave once the threat of evil has been subdued.


His car, a super-charged speedster, capable of unlimited speed

List of other Blue Flames[[1]] and Cody Fleischer.

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