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Spencer Smythe was hired by industrialist Norman Osborn to create a weapon to destroy Spider-Man. Spencer's first weapon was the Spider-Slayer, nicknamed the "Black Widow". The deal made with Osborn meant that Norman would build a hoverchair for Spencer's paralyzed son, Alistair. The Slayer unintentionally captured Flash Thompson dressed as Spider-Man, and the real Spider-Man came to his rescue.[1]

This led to a large scale fire in the Oscrop plant. When Osborn refused to build the promised hoverchair unless Spider-Man was defeated, Spencer chose to stay behind and finish Spider-Man off while Norman got Alistair to safety. After the Slayer was destroyed by Spider-Man, Oscorp exploded and Spencer seemingly perished.[1] However, Spencer had survived, having been found by the Kingpin.

Spencer in cryogenic suspension.

The Kingpin placed Spencer in cryogenic suspension in order to maintain the loyalty of Alistair. Like most employees of the Kingpin, Alistair outlived his usefulness and was changed into a bio-mechanical Spider-Slayer by Kingpin's new sidekick, Herbert Landon. Alistair eventually discovered that his father was still alive and with Spider-Man's help escaped with his preserved body.[2]

Afterwards Smythe continued to work for various villains, most predominantly the Kingpin's rival Silvermane, in order to revive his father.[3]

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Seemingly those of the Spencer Smythe of Earth-616.


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