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To better assist him as a hero, Otto Octavius decided to create these small red and blue spiders that can send him information and images through the lenses in his mask, his mobile phone, his tablet or even his TV. While in Peter's body, Octavius can control them through mental command in order have them perform different tasks, as well as maintaining constant surveillance over all of New York City.[2]

He later creates larger versions named "Arachnaughts" which are used for mobility and combat.

Later, after Otto returned Peter Parker's consciousness to his body, a Spider-Bot could be spotted in his apartment, and was used by him to intercept the radio transmission of the police, allowing him to know whenever a criminal act happen.[3]

Otto Octavius would eventually recreate them when he resumed his alias as the Superior Spider-Man.[4]


Being an integral part of the Superior Spider-Man's web of intrigue, they serve as the web-head's eyes, ears, and sometimes the nose of his ever present patrol.

They act as surveillance devices, capable of sending him transmitted recorded images and information through his suit's lenses, mobile phone, tablet, and television.

They are water submersible, and able to scale most surfaces, as well as activate/deactivate technology; per all of Octavius's machinations, they are all manipulated via the power of his mind.

They've been upgraded to sport facial recognition software, which gives him detailed descriptions of his intended quarry, including related targets, as well as for his mask. They can project holographic imagery for visual display, and can erect sturdy force fields by working in unison with one another.[5]

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Issue
Spider-Bots from Marvel's Spider-Man (video game) 001.jpg

Marvel's Spider-Man Game Series (Earth-1048)

Peter Parker created the Spider-Bots. The Spider-Drones variant could fly and shoot electrical blasts. The Spider-bots variants were used to crawl in spaces Peter couldn't and could emit sound and EMP blasts.
Marvel's Spider-Man

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