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Quote1.png When I joined the Force, I thought I'd see some action. But all I do is sit in this boring prison. Quote2.png
Spider-Girl (Ashley Barton)[src]


The Spider-Force was a division of the Spider-Men created to guard the Symbiote Prison; however, they were forcefully kicked out of the prison and returned to Earth by S.H.I.E.L.D..


Superior Spider-Man led the Spider-Force's surveillance on the Inheritors through sentry bots. The Inheritors were able to hack the bots so they could return to Earth-TRN461. After the Spider-Force failed to stop them, Otto was ordered by Spider-Man to recreate the Superior Spider-Army.

Rise and Fall of the Spider-Queen

S.H.I.E.L.D. placed the Spider-Force in charge of the incarcerated Spider-Queen. Unfortunately, she was freed by her followers, the Cult of the Spider. She attempted to use her powers to control the Spider-Force, but Spider-Woman, who wasn't a Spider-Totem, acquired a device to suppress their insect genes. Armed with Doctor Octopus' Tentacles, Spider-Man was able to defeat The Queen.[1]

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