Quote1.png Our powers... web-shooters... all but useless up here. What does "super" strength or enhanced speed mean in zero gravity? How do we save these people from Verna? Quote2.png
-- Scarlet Spider

Appearing in "The Uncanny Spider-Force: Scream"

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Synopsis for "The Uncanny Spider-Force: Scream"

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The deadliest mission in all of SPIDER-GEDDON has come up and Kaine has stepped forward for what he’s sure will be a suicide mission. But he can’t do it alone, and Jessica Drew, A.K.A. Spider-Woman, has signed on to help, but has Kaine told her the whole truth? With Ashley Barton, from the OLD MAN LOGAN universe and two new characters (Astro-Spider and Spider-Kid), Kaine’s team is complete and their first mission may be their last!

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  1. 1.0 1.1 First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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