Quote1 You're right. We'll do what you say. Get the geniuses together for a planning session. But let's also let the others -- the ones you don't need -- bring in new spiders. It's called a compromise. If we're gonna survive this... we both have to step out of our comfort zones a little. Quote2
-- Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Solicit Synopsis

• As long as SOLUS, the father of the Inheritors, has not returned, the Spiders still stand a chance.

• If he is revived, it means Kaine and Spider-Woman’s Spider-Force has fallen…

• And the Spider-Eaters have one leader, one cause — total annihilation!


  • Although not listed as a writer on this issue, Dan Slott is co-credited for his role in developing the story.

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