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Raptor is shown robbing a food store late at night. When she notices a security camera watching her, she quickly leaves through the window in which she had already crashed through. At her house, May is remembering how she recently lost her powers, but that means that she no longer has to wake up at 5 to practice with her dad. She visits her parents before she goes to school, and Mary Jane scolds Peter for aiming a piece of toast at his daughter to see if her spider-sense would kick in. Before she leaves, May tells her dad she misses it because not only does it help her evade danger, it tells her an enemy's weak point so that she could concentrate all her efforts there. Peter did not know he had that ability.

At school, May sees from the Bugle that Raptor is back. She has no powers, so for now she cannot do a thing. Normie convinces her to try something new in order to still be Spider-Girl, so she visits Phil, the Golden Goblin, in order to borrow his supplies. Meanwhile, Jimmy notices that Moose is avoiding Courtney at school, and he leans from Brad that Moose dumped her because he thought he was being cheated on. Jack is let down by Davida because she also thinks that he and Courtney are now an item. Jimmy tells Moose that the rumor isn't true, and that Courtney and Jack simply bonded when they were both kidnapped by the Savage Six a few weeks ago.

Spider-Girl with a goblin glider and pumpkin bombs goes after Raptor and reminds her that she once crippled a man who got in her way. Raptor replies that she was only stealing groceries for him not only to make amends, but as payment for her crimes. However, Spider-Girl still wants to capture her, so Raptor knocks her off her Goblin Glider and leaves. The Goblin Glider is trashed. Back at school, Jimmy's best friend Courtney gets back with Moose, which finally makes him happy. And at her home, May decides to train herself without her powers, because she still is Spider-Girl. She wakes up at 5 again to do so.

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