Quote1.png I always thought I'd grow up to help save the world. That's what super heroes do, right? Only it turns out the world is a lot bigger than I knew. For one, it's worlds, plural. And they're apparently all in trouble. My parents are going to help with the big fight. I'm just... I'm scared I'll never see them again. And I don't know how much of this is riding on me. Quote2.png
-- Spiderling

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  • Synopsis not yet written.

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• SPIDERLING’s parents have gone to fight the Inheritors! Now she has to prove that MAY PARKER and ANYA CORAZON made the right choice bringing her on their mission!

• The mysteries of the SPIDER SOCIETY have been protected for centuries, but our heroes are running out of time to unravel them!

• And if the Inheritors learn about their mission, the SPIDER-GIRLS won’t just be racing the clock — they’ll be running for their lives!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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