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Peter Parker (Earth-616) and Terrance Sorenson (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 682 001

Spider-Man using his Spider-Glider against Equinox

Through his resources at Horizon Labs, Peter Parker had created his own version of the Goblin Glider for faster travel across New York City, including during his most recent fight with Equinox.[3]

Peter created a second Spider-Glider from within the Goblin Workshop to battle the Hobgoblins, Roderick Kingsley and Phil Urich.[4]

During his reign as the Superior Spider-Man, Otto Octavius outfitted his Spiderlings with multiple different villains' equipment, alongside the Spider-Gliders for transportation.

Peter Parker (Earth-13178) from Marvel Puzzle Quest 003

The Oscorp-designed Spider-Glider pack.

A reformed Norman Osborn offered Peter some new equipment, an offer he was forced to take as he was being overwhelmed by the Vulture. One of them was a Spider-Glider Pack that when compacted could be worn as a backpack, while also being able to change into either a rover or rocket boots.[5]

Alternate Reality Versions[]

Image Description Issue
Spider-Hoverboard (Earth-12041) from Ultimate Spider-Man (Animated Series) Season 2 7 0001 In Earth-12041, one of the many spider themed gadgets created by Olly Osnick in Boston for Spider-Man was a glider in the form of hoverboard that he kept after returning to New York. Ultimate Spider-Man S2E07
Peter Parker (Earth-21317) from Marvel Vol 1 4 001 In Earth-21317, Spider-Man used a Spider-Glider to break into Lord Priest's base. Marvel #4
Marvel Duel Card 0315 In Earth-TRN840, the Spider-Glider was among the items stolen by the Gwenpool of Earth-17217. Marvel Duel

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