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Spider-Island is named after Manhattan Island which was teleported to Battleworld, where it was connected to other landmess and ceased being an actual island. The motto "With great power, comes great responsibility" holds very true to the residents of Spider-Island. As they have members from every imaginable multiverse, they have decided that no singular central government could possibly be fair. In place of this, individuals are expected to function to the best of their ability with the goal of bettering their community while maintaining control over their own means to do so.[1]


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A dimensional rift experiment at Fisk Labs became fully functional and in a matter of nano-seconds opened countless doorways to a myriad of new worlds. The machine was overwhelmed and destroyed itself, but not before shattering timelines, multiverses, and reality itself across New York City. This unleashed a population of Spider-People, each from a different world. The advantages of shared knowledge across the entirety of quantum realities became quickly apparent. For a while the island was an epicenter of scientific and social progress. Since many of the residents were slightly different interpretations of the same genius level science student, equality in work and life came with ease. A focus on returning reality became a priority. The dimensional rift creator was recreated in a smaller scale to control more manageable doorways to neighboring multiverses.[1]

Maestro mostly ignored Spider-Island, allowing them to provide neutral and somewhat familiar ground to other Houses in Battleworld. The isle of Manhattan had been home to many heroes and gods, so even the web-supported skyline was a familiar sight which put strenuous negotiations in a more settling atmosphere than frozen wastelands or gamma infused deserts.[1]

The Spider-Scientists continued opening doorway after doorway into other worlds. Hoping to find answers to their odd circumstances. However one doorway proved to be disastrous. Connecting this already shattered world to an alternate Manhattan which had become overrun by monstrous Symbiotes. The population of Spider-Island was either driven away or forcibly bonded with the aliens, until the disgraced scientist who opened the doomed doorway led an army of Web-Warriors to get rid of the Symbiotes. They succeeded, but only after suffering heavy losses. Many, including the lead scientist, were assumed to have been absorbed or devoured by the countless monstrous mouths of the Symbiotes. Following this, all further multidimensional research was limited to observation rather than interaction.[1]




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