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Appearing in "Spider-Geddon Part 1: Uncharted"

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Synopsis for "Spider-Geddon Part 1: Uncharted"

Following her release from prison, Gwen continues her crime-fighting career as Spider-Woman (she also gained the name "Spider-Gwen" after she revealed her identity). After stopping a mugging, she visits her friend Harry Osborn (mainly because she's starving and has no money), who buys her dinner. Gwen then spots Spider-Ham outside the restaurant, who informs her that the Inheritors have returned; however, while travelling through the multiverse, Gwen's Dimensional Travel Watch is stolen by Verna and she is stranded in a universe unknown to her. While looking for clues she spots a poster for Oscorp, so she heads to the headquarters but finds it abandoned. There she finds nothing until the Green Goblin attacks her. Gwen fights back, but the assailant escapes. Before she can pursue, she is confronted by the Peter Parker of the current universe, and reveals that she is Gwen Stacy and she needs his help.

Solicit Synopsis


• What? You thought we were done with Gwen Stacy after the first two landmark volumes of her series?! GET OUTTA HERE.

• It’s a whole new spin on Gwen and her world of Earth-65, brought to you by none other than SEANAN MCGUIRE & ROSI KÄMPE!

• We pick up with Gwen right where we left her – fighting crime through her home reality, unaware that it sits on the precipice of interdimensional calamity! Someone’s gonna be late to band practice…

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