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Quote1.png Nothing. Without my powers, there's nothing to stop him, Reed. Quote2.png
Gwen Stacy

Appearing in "Weapon of Choice: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Weapon of Choice: Part 3"

On the run from Castle, Gwen takes her father George to the home of Reed Richards. She asked him to repair her web-shooters, but it proves very difficult for him. He also notes that she has only five power-ups, when she remembered having six. Kraven stole one of them and handed it to Castle, who arrives at Oscorp with it. Castle convinces a reluctant Norman Osborn to assist him with catching Spider-Woman, in exchange for clearing Harry's name. Gwen, desperate for help, asks Jesse Drew for assistance, but the file he sent her appears to be useless. Unable to offer much assistance, he suggests that she run away with her father, but Gwen knows that travelling to another universe would only leave her with its own problems. She considers her other options, but none seem useful (Jessica has risked too much helping Gwen already, Cindy is occupied with her own issues, Captain America won't help Gwen if she's powerless, and the police would arrest her immediately). Gwen considers Murdock's help when suddenly she is approached by the Bodega Bandit (Gwen assisted in his arrest without her powers). He tells her that people constantly tell him what he does is wrong, but nobody ever acts like it is, except Spider-Woman, and he admits that is does make him want to quit his profession. Inspired by this, Gwen works up the courage to confront Castle. George warns that taking on Castle is dangerous, but Gwen knows that she needs to stop him before Castle can make his story true and goes off to face him.

Solicit Synopsis

• What is Gwen Stacy without Spider-Gwen?

• Gwen gives life her best shot, but will life let it happen?


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