Quote1 You've no idea how badly I've wanted a second chance at you. Quote2
-- Captain Frank Castle

Appearing in "Weapon of Choice - Part 4: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "Weapon of Choice - Part 4: Conclusion"

Knowing that Castle must be stopped, Gwen goes out after him despite the danger. George warns DeWolff that Castle has been targeting Gwen, but she does not believe him. Spider-Woman finds Castle, who is donning a War Machine Gauntlet, and engages him in a brutal and destructive fight. Castle takes her down briefly and nearly kills her, but George steps in and stops him. Enraged, Castle fires a shot at him with the gauntlet, but Spider-Woman causes him to miss, instead destroying the ledge George was on. Spider-Woman saves him, but Castle tries to finish them off with a revolver. DeWolff steps in and talks Castle down, but he manages to escape. Gwen, feeling guilty that she started all of this, apologizes to George and remarks that she can't fix it. George, admitting that he was responsible for all the trouble he caused her, turns himself in to the police, buying her time to escape. Two weeks later, Gwen returns to her job at the Dollar Dog, albeit her being greatly depressed about her father's arrest. After the Bodega Bandit attempts a robbery there, she throws him out of the store and commands the customers to leave. She goes outside to take out the garbage, when Matt Murdock approaches her and offers her a deal: He will work to free George if she promises that she will work for him. Gwen takes the deal, and Murdock offers his service, along with Spider-Woman offering hers to him.

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• No more powers, no more running, no more hiding.


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