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Quote1.png Harry gets his life back. Norman gets his son back. You regain your powers. The Venom gets a home. All we do is win, win, win, win. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Predators: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Predators: Part 1"

Harry Osborn calls Gwen from a phone booth in Madripoor. He leaves her a voice mail message, then finds himself surrounded by Hand ninjas.

In Times Square, Spider-Woman is threatened by a police officer. A news crew begins airing the incident on live television. Watching from their apartment, Gwen's friends argue about whether she is really Spider-Woman. They text her to test the idea, and are surprised when Spider-Woman's phone dings on camera. Spider-Woman escapes and swings to the police station.

Gwen meets with her father and Matt Murdock to discuss George's upcoming trial, which has been moved up. George becomes hostile to Murdock, but Gwen resolves to use him to free her father. Outside the station afterwards, Murdock expresses his disappointment that Gwen hasn't honored their deal by providing George's cooperation or the Scorpion's head. He orders her to suit up and come with him to Oscorp Tower.

The two of them meet with Dr. Elsa Brock and Norman Osborn. Brock reveals a connection between Cindy Moon's radioactive isotopes and the Lizard Formula. Combining the two items creates an ooze that grants powers to its host, but also releases deadly radiation. Brock calls the parasite Venom. They plan to transform the Lizard Formula in Harry's blood into Venom, draw it out of him, and give the parasite to Gwen to restore her powers. Norman pleads for her help, and Gwen agrees to travel to Madripoor.

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• Matt Murdock, crime kingpin of NY and leader of The Hand, sends Spider-Gwen on a mission that hits WAY too close to home.

• This mission will introduce one of the biggest new characters in the Gweniverse and set Gwen on the path to her scariest villain yet!

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