Quote1 Okay, look, no more "Mr. Murderhands" -- that name is way too self-fulfilling prophecy. Call him "Wolverine." I know one of them. Quote2
-- Spider-Woman

Appearing in "Predators: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Predators: Part 2"

Spider-Woman chases Harry Osborn through Madripoor. She catches him, but Harry reveals he was actually running from Logan. The SHIELD agent says there is a bounty placed on Harry, and he attacks Gwen. Hand ninjas arrive to help her, and attack Logan in turn. As they escape, Harry tells Gwen about Logan's origin. The two are attacked by Shadowcat next, but Logan recovers and fights her for the bounty.

In New York, District Attorney Nelson talks with Matt Murdock about George Stacy's upcoming trial. Afterwards, Murdock returns to his car and meets with Dr. Elsa Brock. She asks him to explain his plans for Spider-Woman and the Venom.

Harry brings Gwen to his tent in an alley. He retrieves a 20-sided dice and gives it to her. The Hand ninjas catch up and offer to take them to a transport. Harry and Gwen attack them instead.

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