Quote1.png God. I called a 13-year-old kid for advice... what is wrong with me? Quote2.png
-- Spider-Woman

Appearing in "Predators: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Predators: Part 4"

Jean DeWolff and Officer Boyle arrive at the police station to visit George Stacy. They are confused as to why the shift manager is missing, and find Rhino down a hallway. He attacks them, but is stopped and teleported away by a Hand ninja. Jean finds George lying on the floor.

In Madripoor, Harry Osborn has transformed into the Lizard. He and Logan fight each other while Shadowcat holds Spider-Woman. Gwen tries to convince her to let go, and talks about the choices people make. Shadowcat remembers her role in Logan's origin, then agrees to help stop the fight.

Gwen calls Reed Richards for advice, and he confirms that her plan might work. Shadowcat grabs Harry's tail and phases him, then solidifies Harry so that his fist is stick in the pavement. Gwen holds her radioactive isotopes close to Harry's wounds. The Lizard formula in his blood turns into the Venom symbiote and comes out, returning him to human form.

In Manhattan, George Stacy is taken away in an ambulance.

Solicit Synopsis

“Predators” Part 4!

• Gwen’s relationship with Matt Murder-dock is coming to its natural end…

• …but is that end also Gwen’s not-natural death?

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