Quote1 Bride of Nine Spiders! My friend Iron Fist has spoken well of you, in the past. But today you become his enemy... and in so doing, also mine! Quote2
-- Shang Chi

Appearing in "Deadlier Than the Male"

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Synopsis for "Deadlier Than the Male"

Shang-Chi is told by Madame Web that people with spider powers are running amok in Manhattan. When he sees Iron Fist fighting the Spider-Man imposters and Peter Parker nearby, Shang-Chi decides to spring into action. Bride of Nine Spiders inexplicably starts attacking and abducting her teammates in the Immortal Weapons.

Solicit Synopsis

SPIDER-ISLAND TIE-IN! Beware the deadly hands of Shang-Chi, master of kung fu! Spider-Man and every hero in New York City fights to save Manhattan from a mysterious infestation...and in the middle of the chaos, Shang-Chi uncovers a deadly mystery surrounding Immortal Iron Fist and the Bride of Nine Spiders! Who's behind this will shock you....and heroes' lives hang in the balance as Shang-Chi faces this monstrous villain!

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