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Synopsis for "Zen of Spiders"

As Shang-Chi fights Ai Apeac, Iron Fist scrambles to free the other Immortal Weapons. Shang-Chi mutates into a spider during the battle as a result of the infection, but Iron Fist uses his Chi force to cure Shang-Chi, though this leaves Iron Fist in a weakened state. After making sure Iron Fist and the rest of the Immortal Weapons are evacuated, Shang-Chi collapses the mansion hide-out on top of Ai Apeac leaving him immobilized for the Avengers to put back into custody.

Solicit Synopsis

SPIDER-ISLAND TIE-IN! The jaw-dropping villain revealed! A conspiracy of horror exposed! Shang-Chi, master of kung fu, uncovered a monster threat to humanity's very existence in the midst of the Spider-Island infestation…but can he stop it in time?! It's a horror/kung fu-fest from Antony Johnston (SHADOWLAND: BLOOD ON THE STREETS) and Sebastiلn Fiumara (LOKI)!

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