Quote1 My father once told me there's no way to get a good story, to do a good job, without embedding yourself in the dirt. So... for better or worse... I'm your girl. Quote2
-- Spider-Girl

Appearing in "And Crept Up Beside Her..."

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Synopsis for "And Crept Up Beside Her..."

When Spider-Girl asks why Kingpin wants her help, Kingpin reveals that he and his men have developed spider powers, as a result being targeted by the Sisterhood of the Wasp. He tells Spider-Girl where he has found the location of the Central Wasp Nest. Madame Web tells Spider-Girl that she will need to team up with "her" enemy when the Sisterhood of the Wasp's leader All-Mother plans to release a poison that will kill anyone with spider powers - aka everyone in Manhtattan.

Solicit Synopsis

As the Society of the Wasps mobilizes an army to put a permanent end to ALL spiders, Spider-Girl to fight side-by-side with the Kingpin! But if Spider-Girl is Kingpin's enforcer, where does that leave the Hobgoblin, and will he prove the deadliest threat of all? Paul Tobin (SPIDER-GIRL) and Pepe Larraz (WEB OF SPIDER-MAN) bring the battle of the bugs!

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