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Synopsis for "The Devil You Don't..."

Spider-Girl and the Hand end up fighting the soldiers of the Sisterhood of the Wasp to keep them from unleashing the genocidal poison. When the soldiers take to the skies, they end up getting shot down by the Hand archers. Spider-Girl soon rushes to take down the hive-mother while the line of wasps are thin, but runs into Madame Web. She ends up telling Spider-Girl that she still needs to team up with her "enemy" to which Spider-Girl doesn't understand as she already teamed up with Kingpin. When joining the Kingpin to fight the All-Mother, she figures the true meaning of the "enemy" to which she has to team up with the All-Mother to halt the mob of mutated New York natives. They eventually successfully stop the mutated spider reinforcements and the battle is over. Hobgoblin however does not acknowledge the end of battle and attacks the All-Mother and angers the Kingpin to which Spider-Girl convinces him to let Hobgoblin live. The story ends with Spider-Girl getting administered the cure although it is seen that she still has retained some spider powers when she swings away from the Kingpin (who has just offered Spider-Girl a permanent alliance -- which she declined).

Solicit Synopsis

SPIDER-ISLAND TIE-IN! THIS IS IT – THE BIGGEST DECISION IN SPIDER-GIRL'S LIFE! Caught in a war between The Kingpin, The Society of Wasps and a Manhattan infested by Spiders, Anya Corazon buckles down to protect her own – and will make a decision at the end of this story that will forever change Spider-Girl! Paul Tobin (SPIDER-GIRL) and Pepe Larraz (WEB OF SPIDER-MAN) bring you this fight-filled, web-walloping, death-defying tale to its rollicking conclusion!

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