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This suit was created by Spider-Man in order to protect himself from the villain Electro and his powers in a battle alongside X-Man against the villain.[1] After the fight, Spider-Man improved the suit by adding additional padding and styling.[2]

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Issue
Peter Parker (Earth-1610) from Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions 001.jpg On Earth-TRN579, Madame Web gave the suit of Spider-Man to his Earth-TRN580 counterpaart. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
Peter Parker (Earth-TRN373).jpeg On Earth-TRN461, the Electro-Proof Suit was among the equipment Spider-Man brought with him to Klyntar. He wore the suit to defeat when an alternate version of Electro, who was sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. to help dismantle the Spider-Force. Spider-Man Unlimited

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