Quote1.png [...] That symbiote you hate so much... might just save your life! Quote2.png
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Abducted from the planet Klyntar alongside millions of its brethren by the Poisons in preparation for their conquest of Earth,[1] this symbiote was genetically altered using research obtained from the symbiote arms dealer Haze Mancer in order to hasten its bonding process and make it more difficult to separate from its host. It was sealed in a grenade used by Poison Punisher, becoming the third of its kind to bond to Spider-Man.[2] Having possibly reactivated the remnants still left in his body of the two previous symbiotes that had bonded to him, this one took an appearance identical to his Black Suit.[3]

Based on his negative past experiences with symbiotes, Spider-Man immediately attempted to use the bell at Our Lady of Saints Church to remove it in the same way he had his original symbiote, but was surprised when no matter how much pain he inflicted on it the symbiote refused to leave him. Despite being unable to directly communicate due to its inability to speak, the symbiote transmitted its emotions to Spider-Man, helping him deduce that something had been done to it that prevented it from separating from him.[2]

Spider-Man wore the symbiote during the battle against the Poisons, and it saved his life when he was impaled through the abdomen by Poison Carnage and set adrift in space. Following the end of the conflict, it was removed from him by Alchemax and presumably returned to Klyntar with the rest of its abducted brethren.[4]


Seemingly those of the Venom symbiote after bonding to Spider-Man.


Seemingly those of the Venom symbiote after bonding to Spider-Man.

Strength level

The Black Suit augments Spider-Man's powers by an unspecified amount.


Like most other Symbiotes, sound and fire. However, this symbiote was altered to prevent it from easily separating from its host, ensuring that it and Spider-Man would be easy targets for the Poisons to consume.

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